Monday, June 30, 2008

Beautiful Creation

Thank you so much for your prayers and messages! It is relaly nice to read them. I think in a way is relaly fuels me.
I have been in india for almost two weeks now and our work here is almost over. We will be leaving on Wednesday night to head to Malaysia for 6 weeks and I am sad to say we will be loosing Ted and Wes during the transission.
This weekdend has been an amazing and overwhelming one! I really don't know how well I can put the trip into words but I will try. My heart is completily overwhelmed right now with the grace, power, love, and truth of God. Saturday we headed to an orphanige to do a show for the kids there and then hang out with them for a little bit. This little girl(I can't remember her name) came up to me and put henna on me! It blew me away how good she was at it.
There was one little girl that wouldn't let go of me. Her name was Camilla. i was really excited that is was a name I could pronouce and remember since she wouldn't leave my side. She kept grabbing my hands and rubbing them and staring at my skin and hair. In the indian culture light skin is consider beautiful and they envy it very much. The lighter-there prettier and also I think the lighter the higher Kast you are. I just sat there thinking to myself the girls are beatiful and they have no one to tell them this! Being a girl I know how easy it is to wonder if you are loved, if you even worthy of love and how easy it is to forget that though maybe not in your eyes, but in Gods eyes we are beautiful. While we had the chance April and I had little girls huddled around us we decided that we would tell them something that they really needed to hear. That they were beautiful and we princesses and royalty in Gods eyes-no matter what this world told them differently and sang Beautiful by Bethany Dillon. It was such a sweet and humbling moment. I am not going to lie, it was hard to get the whole thing out 'cause I was tearing up. But what's knew, you all know I am a sap lol.
After leaving the orphanige we headed back downtown. I don't know why bt it seams that as soon as the team gets in the car together everyone comedic personality tends to come out and no one is able to be serious! I love our car rides, they have really become a highlight of this trip.
that night we led part of the worship at a Y-WAM meeting which is highschool and college age kids who getting together and just worship God through music. It was amazing worship and God truly met up that night. Loved it!
Sunday was a VERY packed day. We had three events to do and We were all ready for a long day. We went to two church services which were really great messages! And then afterwards.. I GOT MCDONALDS! I was so excited lol I totally needed some american fix of some sort.
Today we are going to go sightseeing with the guy who is getting everything together for us this week and last. His name is Paul and he is sucha great guy. You might hear us talk about him in our blogs as the "Rick Priest" as well. Then after sightseeing we have a show and then either more sightseeing or we were asked to play at a dinner party yesterday so we might go do that. I have realized that I never know what the schedule is which is a good thing I think because it makes me rely on God a little bit more.
This has already been an amazing eye opener of a trip and I am only two weeks into it! Please keep praying for this City and this country as a whole. It has really been har to see so many gods being worshiped when there is only ONE!

No on is like you, O'Lord;
YOu are great
and your name is mighty in power.
Jeremiah 10:6

Peace and love,


  1. Amber,
    Neat Picture!
    Sounds like everything is going great. I have to agree with Lori -the song reminded me of you. Just reading it made me tear up (you're not surprised right?)
    I love you and miss you. Be careful in Malaysia.
    Aunt Marsha

    P.S. Getting a grandbaby boy soon!

  2. Amber,
    I know you all have had a great experience in India. I am sure God has great times awaiting in Malaysia also. I really like the picture.... Take care and be safe.
    I love you - Mom