Saturday, July 5, 2008

Uncomfortably in the will of God

We have made it to Malaysia in one piece. I have so much to tell you so I will start with leaving India.
When we got to the airport we had to say goodbye to Wes and Ted which was especially hard for April and I because so many times those boys were are sanity and we had all became really attached. We didn't get a proper goodbye either because of the schedules and such as well. But I do know that I will be making often trips to Dayton to see them both.
We made it to Kuala Lumpur and found out we weren't staying in the city. BUT while we were there we got to see the tours in KL and they were HUGE and beautiful! Then were started on our way to Malaka which was a 1 and a half hour drive from the city. When we got to the school all I wanted to do was break down.... I was actually home sick for India! The first evening here was really hard and the team had so many feelings and they were all over the place which was making us all but heads. But we realized it, sat down and talked and got everything out in the open. I was having some MAJOR culture shock that day but it is slowly getting better. Thursday night all the girls we fasinatd with us! April and I at one point had about 25 girls in one room attempting to talk and singing songs. It was GREAT but yet very overwhelming at the same time. On Friday a lady name madem woe took us on a walking tour of Malaka which was great and pointed us in the direction of the mall where we had starbucks and I was super excited lol. When we got back April and I went and played volleyball with the girls from our rooms. It was GREAT fun and helped me alot in feeling more comfortable. One of the girls asked April how long we were staying here and when she told her six weeks the girl (Febi) was sad because she thought it wasn't long enough which made us feel great lol.
After playing volleyball the team had a great devotional time and then went walking around town again and ended up stumbling upon a street carnival which aparently happens every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night! It was so GREAT I loved it!
Okay so now to fill you in on the nitty grity. Food- I really have a picky pallete I have come to the conclusion. BUT I love food so God is really stretching me in the since that I can't find much to eat. They have tons of fruit normally so that is really exciting. I am eating watermelon and amazing pinnaple like it is going out of style (yes Jerad, be jealous).
Our rooms... The girls, in fact everyone here, are very welcoming and super sweet. I am a heavy packer as you know so the one little space they gave me really wasn't enough because I had so much stuff.... so I came back from team time on Thrusday night and a girl who told me to call here Eva because I can't pronouce her name corectly (lol) had clean out her cuby for me to put more of my stuff in... This is also the same girl who has given up her bed for me to sleep in while we are here. They are a very giving culture and the everyone else comes before themself which is totally apposite from alot of the american culture and way of thinking. So therefore me being a person who has a hard time filtering before I speak soon realized that I was going to have to work on that.
Bathrooms.... WOW... I am getting use to the squatie pottties! lol In fact I find them very much so intertaining lol. There is only one western style toilet in the entire school. I have gotten it down pretty well BUT I did buy some toilet paper lol.
Shower rooms are insane here. The water is freezing which is actually GREAT because it is so so hot here. Also while we are in the shower you take a bucket with you and wash your clothes that you wore that day. Mom- I am doing my laundry in a bucket! lol with a wash board HAHAHA... I am just going to have to take pictures of all of this to show you.
When we got here we soon realized that the school thought we were certified Enilish teachers lol and if you know my english you know that is very far from the truth. And they had nothing musically planed for us. I think they thought "oh Americans... they can teach English" not realizing that we came for music. This has been really hard for me to swallow especially coming from India where we were averaging at least 1 show a day. Music is my passion not English. and as I was complaining to myself I remembered that I had prayed over and over again that God would stretch me, take me out of my confort zone and mold me into his daughter more so then I had ever been before. and BAM there is was. God was answering my prayer exactly how I had asked him to and somewhere within the lat two weeks I had lost sight of that. God is stretching me with food, the hostiles, communication, teaching, with the schedule, spiritually, and mentally. I realized I was getting exactly what I wanted and was yet fighting God about it. Remembering that God has placed me right here and right now even if I don't see why.. it is for Him and His bigger picture. I am uncomfortable here... but who said I ever had the right to be comfortable? Thank you so much for you prayers and love and support. I don't know what I would do without it.

Romans 12



  1. Hi Amber,
    Was so great to open up the blogsite and there you were - I knew you were OK. We had talked about the culture shock thing before you left but I am sure reality is something else. God takes us out of our comfort zone but..... He also gets us through if only we will allow Him and not try to have it our way and on our terms. You know I have always told you to Think before Speaking and then maybe still not speak lol. Oh yes I gotta see the washboard thing, your Mamaw will be proud. Enjoy the Fruit!!!! I love you.

  2. So great to read about your adventures and service to the have truly been blessed...we pray for you, Carrie and Trav daily...looking forward to lots of pictures...miss you and take care..."For I know the plans I have for you." Jeremiah 29:11..His plans sometimes make us uncomfortable but He is always there beside us.........Bev.C

  3. Hey Amber,!!
    Everything sounds really good that you are doing over there. Keep up Gods work and I will see you when you get back. I know your having a blast!

  4. Amber, What you are doing there is quite amazing and I know you would not be able to do this without God's help. I am sure you guys have changed many lives of those little girls who are absorbing your every words. I will continue to keep you and all of your friends there in my prayers and also to continue to pray that you open there eyes to the One! and only God
    God Bless you and keep you safe
    We Love You
    Uncle Jim, Aunt Kathie
    Ken and Tim

  5. Amber,
    During our Mt. Hebron Vacation Bible School, (July 14-18), we will be monitoring your blog as you were selected to be our mission project. Take care and know that we will be praying for you.
    Wanda King
    Sutton, WV