Sunday, July 13, 2008

All I Need

Hello GBC Family and everyone else!I first want to start by saying that this isn't going to be just a simple blog. Alot has happened to me and through me since I got to Malaysia. Before I came on the trip I asked God to Stretch me and boy has he. I asked him to Grow me into a reflection of him moreso then ever. God is stretching me over and over and I seem to constantly fight back and let self get in the way. I am continuing to pray this until I stop fighting back.
This past weekend we as a team led worship as a church on Sunday morning and then the youth program that night. I am the vocal leader here and in a huge way that has so much responsibility that I don't feel ready for. God is stretching me in trusting that HE is God and the HE has control. I have no control here. I have no control over what I do, who I am with, or where we go. Being a person who likes to have a since of direction It has been and is really hard to give over that control to God. I am not in conrtol HE IS. I am not here for me I am here for HIM to do whatever he asks of me.
So many times I could bottle up and not do anything because I have such an urge to be confortable and feel at home and then God will push me. I praise Him for Not giving up even when I have. Don't get me wrong, I am loving this trip. I have just felt a little lost this past weekend. It has for sure been the hardest days on this trip for me so far.
I am so thankful for a simple statement that a good friend told me before I left. He said "A majority of what God is going to show you and grow you in this summer isn't going to happen until after you get back home". That statement has been my sanity alot lately and really something I have tried to remember the entire time I have been gone. Right now I don't know why I am here, why certain things are happening, and I am so lost in what God is showing me. But I am so excited for that day when God gives me his answer.
He is also stretching me in my relationship with people. Everyone on this team is so different and we all have very stong personalities which has been very interesting. We are all here for one purpose... to be a part of what God is doing in all the nations. Please pray for us that this is will be the echo our hearts. That God will lead us instead of us attempting to lead ourselves which I have to admit I have been trying to do ALOT lately. Please pray for out team leader Josie. She has a hard role to fill and like I said we all have strong personalities so as you can imagine that doesn't make it easy to lead. Pray that we remember each others feelings. and remember we don't have a right to ANYTHING.
Our God is a GREAT, MIGHTY, and POWERFUL God! I am humbled today by the grace of my Savior and just in the fact that he is my savior. HE is ALL I need.
May God bring you peace in knowing that you are His precious and beloved child,

P.S. Thank you Hebron Vactation Bible school for you Prayers and Support... May Got bless you all.


  1. Amber - Not all days will be hard. Those hard days will make your group stronger and your witness stronger. Remember even when we feel tired - God doesn't give up on us. Sounds like God is building up for something BIG!!!! Will continue to pray for all of you and remember Mt Hebron VBS this week in prayer also. Please be safe .... Love you!! Mom

  2. AMBER!!!
    First off, let me tell you I am pumped about what the Lord is doing in and through you. Something I have learned this summer kind of goes along with what it sounds like you are currently experiencing. In short, be a "responder" to the Spirit's prompting and guiding. A lot of times our personalities lead us into trying to initiate things to happen in order for the Holy Spirit to do its work. Respond, respond, respond! You're in the grip of the Almighty and you are loved by Him (I Jn 4:16,17). Definitely will be praying for you during this coming week.

  3. Amber,
    It was great to get to talk to you for like... 2 minutes tonight. I've been thinking about you since you left. Sounds like God is really answering your prayers and broadening your perspectives. Lift up your eyes & lean on Him. He's doing a great work in and through you!
    Love & prayers... Anna

  4. Amber - I'm so proud of you and everything you are doing for God. We are praying for you everyday. Ashtin thinks it is so cool that you are half way around the world. We can't wait for you to come home, it won,t be too much longer. Keep your faith, GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. I love you LOTS....Peace out Girlscout! from Ashtin. LOVE YOU!!