Sunday, July 6, 2008

This is the Trac II guys for the first session of Second Wind here at the JH Ranch. I was beginning to feel guilty for not posting any pictures. So here is one.

God Bless...


  1. You look like you're having a great time....good to see your smiling face....miss you and looking forward to your return home.....Love you, Grandma C.

  2. Wow Trav! God is amazing... I am glad the he is speaking to you and those around you and changing your heart in such a mighty way. I am in awe of the stories you tell and the power of the hand of God in them.

  3. Hi Amber, I sent a message the other day but not sure it made it, so here it is again. I think you have probably changed the lives of allot of the little girls over there with all your encouragement. From the pictures you look like you are really enjoying what you are doing. God is truly working through you.Take care be safe and hope to see you soon.
    Love Aunt Kathie, Uncle Jim, Ken & Tim