Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Much has happened since we last posted a blog. (We are having internet issues so please, be patient.)

Sunday, we got up and had worship in English at the House of Hope, then we went to a Spanish speaking church to worship with them. Brian Knight, one of the construction team that is with us, is a pastor in Oak Hill WV preached through a translator. He did a great job! It was his first time preaching with a translator.  We also had the immense honor of celebrating communion with our brothers and sisters in Christ. After the service, we were able to pray with a lady in the church who has some very serious health issues and is facing possible surgery and the resulting financial ruin that would cause in this culture. What a honor to go with her to God's throne and have full assurance that His will, will be done!!

After church we loaded the vehicles, (including 2 vintage volks wagon beetles) and headed to an extremely poor village north of Cochabamba. The air was thin and  cool the roads were rough but the smiles of the people waiting for us warmed us quickly.  We twisted some balloons for the children while others set up the clinic. Then is was "Go" and away we went!  Becky was in charge of the Pharmacy and Mark was seeing patients.

The stories etched in the lines of the adults faces spoke of hard lives, determination and a hope that refused to be quenched. In the occasional brief smile of an adult or the constant smiles and laughter of the children spoke volumes to me about hope, love and grit.

Toward the end of the clinic, we were asked to make a house call. A lady was ill and too weak to come to the clinic. Becky and I grabbed our packs and away we went. In a very humble home with only two beds as furniture, we found a very, very ill lady. She was obviously dehydrated and malnourished. It took only a brief exam to discover the cause of the problem. Her abdominal tumor, was easy to feel. It was huge! It was very difficult to tell the family that their mother was going to die from her condition. The family was very poor and a stay in the hospital was impossible for them in this culture. We were able to offer very little except some things to make her more comfortable. We were able to find out that she is indeed a Christian and has accepted Christ as her savior. we  were honored to pray with her and her family though we had to have translators from English to Spanish and Spanish to Quechan.

We appreciate your prayers!


  1. God is Good. Glad you're having a productive trip. We're praying for you all and looking forward to hearing all about your trip when you return. Be safe, we'll be following your blogs...

    Jeff & Leslie

  2. What a blessing! I always stand amazed when i see what God can do through people who are willing to listen and follow Him. I truly wish that i was there with you as i know that God is going to do something spectacular. We love you guys and are praying for you.
    pastor mark