Thursday, November 7, 2013

Yesterday was quite a day, to say the least. We had the opportunity to go to the very remote community of Punata. It is an agricultural community and poverty is the rule not the exception there. We worked a small "Micro Hospital" that was set up by the government in 2006. Medical care there is very limited, even with the hospital. (Which was a building with a waiting room, a 10'X12" "Emergency Room," a room with a dental chair, a small "Consulting room" and a tiny pharmacy.)There are doctors in the "hospital" perhaps once a week and most often with no supplies. 
There were some local doctors that worked with us. As we arrived and began to carry in our supplies the Bolivian Doctors' eyes lit up like a child's eyes at Christmas. They were like children in a candy store. What was supposed to be a semi-orderly clinic treating 50 patients and trying to meet their physical and spiritual needs became somewhat of a "feeding frenzy." In the end, 120+ patients were seen and our supplies were picked clean. Much was learned by all about how to improve things when a medical clinic when the ministries of House of Hope return to Punata. I know that the Lord has plans for that community.

 Today, we are not having clinic. We are using the day to rest and resupply. The supplies are greatly needed and we need to take time to guard against a very serious ministry danger. The danger is that some time you can get so busy "doing" that you neglect the fact that it is ALL about God. What we are doing is to glorify Him and if we neglect our relationship with Him we cannot glorify Him. As always, we count on your prayers and we look forward to telling you all of the wonderful things our God is doing!

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