Friday, November 8, 2013

Today was our last clinic. We went to an inner city church that has several different ministries for "transient people." Most of the people that this church ministers to are Quechan people from the mountains that have literally nothing, materially. They come to the city trying to find work and a better life. Most sleep in the market at night and do whatever they can find to do during the day. The church provides lunch for them on Mondays and Fridays. One of our translators said to me, "I don't know where they can eat on the other days."

Another ministry is baby bathing. They brought out plastic tubs and buckets for the baths and you should have seen the kids light up! They just threw off their clothes and headed for the tubs like it was the best thing they had ever experienced! What a ministry!!

As we set up our clinic, one of the leaders came to me (Mark) and told me to follow her, she was taking me to my "Consultario," (my exam room.) Instead of a room with a couple of chairs, which was what I was expecting, I was taken to a well equipped medical exam room! I found out that another ministry of the church is that they sometimes have Brazilian physicians come in who see patients. I felt like I was in a palace.

Becky headed up the pharmacy again today. She is very adept at it now. Eric may have competition. I think that she has even learned some Quechan phrases. It makes me so proud to see her calmly taking the chaos of a mission clinic/pharmacy and taking care of these folks with all the love and compassion that Jesus has so richly given her.  And thanks to GBC's  generosity every patient that we saw all week went home with vitamins!

We so enjoyed working with this church who is so active in reaching out with the Gospel of Jesus by showing love in these ways.


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