Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 1 | Arrival at Camp

We arrived in Hati around 2:10 and it was hot!  Baggage claim was just like india with everyone going crazy and grabbing everything in site.  We had no problems during the flight or at the airport and we sailed through customs.  We were taken for a tour of the capitol Port-au-Prince.  We saw some of the destruction, which was unbelievable.  The capitol building was in ruins as well as the cathedral.  the streets are very crowded with only room for cars and trucks to barely miss each other.  We took the tour in an old school bus and our driver drove it like it was a ford focus.  there were a couple of times that everyone got a little nervous.  We are staying in a dorm room, all ten of us and we are located next to the girls room(poor girls).  We will get the tour of the compound tonight and start our projects in the morning.  The mountains that surround us are awesome and it is cool up here in the mountains.  Keep praying for us and we will see you all soon.

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