Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 3 | Eric Campbell

Another full day here in Haiti. Just sitting down to post everyone's blog posts and taking a little time to reflect. Today a man walked up and began talking to Eladio, Rich, and myself in English. There are many moments here that I wish I could videotape and share with all of you, but it's a difficult balancing act between capturing the moment and offending someone. This was one of those. He talked about the conditions here before the earthquake and how poor the people are here now even more so afterwards. He talked with Eladio for 20-30 minutes, taught himself English, walks 45 minutes to church, has no job and has no desire to date a girl until he finds a decent job. I continue to be more and more humbled by the hour on this trip.

At times, it's much easier for me to just think of this trip as a project to build a couple houses, because if I allow the things I'm seeing and hearing to sink in, it's too much for me to handle. You know the pictures are real. You see Anderson Cooper grab a bloody child carry them to safety in downtown Port-au-Prince, but that's TV. Being here makes it all real. There are people suffering. There are people living in tents. I get to go home in a few days. These people have no home. But some of them do have God and they have real joy and couldn't be happier. I just hope and pray that I can share the joy I have thanks to Christ to some that don't know Him.

The other group we are here with finished their home and had a dedication service with the family that will be moving in. Eleven people gave their lives to Christ at that service today. Praise God for that.

Still working on getting more to you back home than just some blog posts. I promise at least a few pictures tomorrow if not something more. Logistics here have been a challenge to say the least.

Enjoy driving to church tomorrow, some people will be walking at least 45 minutes to get there and they will be thankful to worship God and turn around and walk the 45 minutes back.

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