Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 7 | Mickey Skeens

Good evening everyone, it is hard to believe that this week is over and we are sitting here cleaning and packing for the trip home tomorrow.  We finished our work today, we went to the 2 houses that we built and had a dedication service with them.  The 1st house we built was for a family of four.  They shared with us their experience from January 12th, 2009 when the earthquake hit here.  The Service was quite awesome, Bill was asked to lead the worship service by being the Choir Director, and yes you are reading it correct Choir Director.  We sang 2 songs in english and then the Haitian work crew sang 2 songs in Creole and then Eric Campbell read scripture and challenged the family to live their lives and be a light for Jesus and then Jeremiah offered up the closing prayer.  We then went to the second house and John Smith read scripture and challenged the family as Eric did and Brian Gerwig closed in prayer.  This was quit a blessing and an honor to see and to be a part of.  
The rest of the day was ours to walk the streets and to buy some gifts and barter with the locals.  Everyone was able to buy some things and it is amazing how much they are willing to sell something for when they start out so high.  I can’t wait to get home but yet it is hard to leave knowing how much more work and ministry needs to be done.  The little girl that came out and played with us each day was there for the dedication and was still in the same shirt that she was in the first day that we met her.  We took some clothes to see if we could give them to her, but we were told we would have to go through the proper channels. They assured us that they would follow up and get this taken care of.  She shared with us that she had 6 other siblings.  God has been so good to me that I know that I don’t deserve it.  I know that I need to be a better Christian role model in the church, our community and at home as a father and a husband.  I pray that he will continue to do a work in my life and make the changes in me that needs to be done.  Love you all and looking forward to seeing you soon.

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