Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 3 | Eladio Mazon

It is 7:30 PM.  and I think we are ready to go to bed.  It was a hard day at work - we didn’t start to work until 10:30 AM because in Haiti things don’t go to fast. - the travel is very hard , we travel in a large work truck ; they put all 26 of us plus the interpreters in the back bed.  The trip takes about 50 minutes and you have to hold on for your life.
We even had some little boys and girls helping us carrying the bricks.  They all are very glad that we are here.  I talked to a young man that is learning English by listening to the radio and repeating the words and also using the dictionary.   He travels 45 mins. by foot to church on the top of the mountain.  And he feels blessed.   What a humbling experience!            Keep praying for us.

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