Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 6 | Mickey Skeens

God is so amazing.  He gave us another beautiful day to work and to fellowship with the workers and the kids.  By lunch today the stucco was finished on our second house and we just had to finish the floors on both houses and rub down the second one.  After lunch there was some down time because there is only so much room in a 10 X 20 house to fit the 10 of us and the crew of Haitians that were working with us.  We kept switching in and out and by this time there were kids everywhere.  They told us after we were finished that this was the most kids that they had seen all year working on the job sites.  They were all beautiful children with big brown eyes and a smile that you will never forget.  Some of them we have seen each day and they were in the same clothes from the first time that we had met them.  They do not forget your name, because when they come up to you they would call us by name.  They would dance, whistle, laugh and giggle about anything that we would do with them.  There was one little girl in particular that I will never forget.  She was there each day that we were and she always had the same big smile and laugh.  Had the biggest brown eyes of anyone I have ever seen.  It would have been easy for me and some of the other guys to bring her home with us.  It was also a blessing for me to met and work with the Haitian crew, they were very helpful and willing to teach us the way that they do things.  Both houses are finished and Wednesday we will go and meet with the family and do the dedication serve and give them the house.  I am very thankful that God allowed me to come on this mission trip.  I know that I have been blessed and been able to travel a lot, but I believe that this has been the best one that I have ever been on and it has been the most physical and strenuous that I have ever done.  I want to praise God for allowing me to see and to experience this place.  The pictures we have seen on TV from the earthquake is in no comparison to how it really is here.  There is things you smell that you will never forget and things that you could never imagine or believe that someone could live this way.  Looking forward to seeing everyone back home.  Love and miss you all. 

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  1. So glad you have been writing about your experiences. I love reading everyone's comments. Unbelievable how things can be so different around the world. Thanks for reminding me how fortunate we really are! Hope you all have a safe flight and drive home. Excited to see you Friday! Take care and we love you!