Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 2 | Mickey Skeens

What a beautiful day God gave us.  Perfect weather and wonderful people to work with.  Different Country, Different Name, Same Problems.  After just a few hours of work we were out of supplies.  We were 250 blocks short to finish our first house.  For the next few hours, we sifted sand for the finish that we will put on the house.  Once the truck arrived, the real work began.  We had 400 blocks to unload and carry into the 2 house sites.  What a work out.  My arms are like jello.  When we were finished and got back to laying block we ran out of mortar and we only lacked three rows on the front and two rows on the back.  Looking forward to finishing our first house tomorrow and getting the next one started.  God blessed us with the right temperature to work because he knew we could not handle to heat of this place.  People here are wearing light weight jackets and toboggans.  We are in shorts and cut off shirts.  At the market today I received the name of Big Poppy.  Here your size is how wealthy they think you are.  Kids and adults all had their laughs.  Laughing is a good thing.  So just have to smile and go with the flow.  We have another group with us from a college in Florida.  They have been a blessing to be around.  They are from all over the world ranging from Alaska, New Guinea, and the Ukraine.  They have a beautiful country to see.  Going back into the mountains, now has a new meaning.  A few miles takes almost an hour to get there.  At home we don’t have pot holes, you should see the size of these.  They will swallow a small car.  Looking forward to God’s blessing tomorrow.

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