Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 2 | Jeremiah Ramsey

So we started this week off with a bang! Today was our first work day and we knocked out some block! We showed up after our 50-60 minute pothole ridden drive we promptly jumped off at a concrete pad with 3 courses of block and multiple haitian workers. We then proceeded to learn their way of laying block. its different then our American way. They prefer to start at both ends and piece together the middle. We ended up laying almost the rest of the house and unloading half of this and the rest of our second house. We were working with a college group from college but many of the students are from around the world. They’re all my age so its nice to get away from all the old farts. I’m pretty sure John Bonazzo is either going to kill me here after I do all the heavy work or just write me multiple tickets. Either way, Ive been having a great time and seeing God in many ways! The people are always happy and laughing and making jokes. It’s hard to believe with this much poverty. It’s quite a heartfelt blessing!!! Ive been keeping Mickey Skeens straightened up for ya tyler!! so don't worry!!! Can’t wait to make some biscuits and gravy tomorrow!! Peace!!

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