Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 2 | Bill Morlan

You’ve already heard about the day, so here is my take on it.  We went to the market to buy some items with our interpreter, in groups of nine.  We mixed up people from both groups and took off shopping.  My group was called “grandpa’s group”, so everyone was asking me how many grandkids I had.  The markets were like in India, open food was everywhere.  Some of the youth were pretty grossed out by the chickens hanging on the hooks as well as the fish.  The smells were undescribable and the market was packed.  We road in the back of a truck, all 20 of us, standing in the back hanging on to the racks as we bounced all over the place.  It was awesome.  After arriving to the house, we jumped right to work.  We were 6 courses up, when we ran out of material.  We were going to start 2 houses today, but only had bricks at one so we all began at the same house.  We were cruising and then it all came to a halt.  We helped the other team shift sand and did odd jobs like always.  After about 2 hours, our bricks arrived and we spent about an hour throwing blocks to each other.  It was pretty tiring.  We finished what we could before dark and then headed back to the camp.  Another 50 minute ride in the back of the truck.  Now we are getting ready to eat, some are taking showers.  We should sleep well tonight.  Love ya all and talk to you soon, love ya Bron and Boys.

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