Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 3 | Brian Gerwig

What a blessing it has been being able to come on this mission trip. You know how you see poverty and such on TV well its total different seeing it in real live. Im so blessed and this just opens my eyes to really see how blessed I am, actually  how blessed WE are as Americans. What really amazed me today is when we were carrying block today and a twelve or thirteen year old girl was packing three concrete blocks just as I was, I thought to myself there aren’t very many thirteen year old boys in our country that can pack three concrete blocks thirty blocks.... Thanks for everyones prayers and one last thing that’s kinda funny... Mom i love you but when you bought me socks you got 9 1/2 in boys we got pictures how they fit on my size 12 foot. Once again thanks for all the prayers.

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