Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 7 | Jeremiah Ramsey

Well this week has been a blast!! I’ve seen the way of life of many of these great people and have learned to appreciate many of the things I take for granted everyday. We did our dedication for the two houses we have built over the past week and I got to pray the blessing over the 1st house which was quite an honor! Talking with the locals and our fellow workers has become my favorite part of the trip. I have found my self fully capable of holding a conversation (or argument) with three words total! We went out and did some bargaining with the street vendors near the mission and I talked myself into a few good deals which is always a blast! I tried some of the haitian Coca Cola.. not my brightest idea. Were are going to be headed out for the states tomorrow and the long drive back to Braxton so keep us in your prayers!

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