Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 10 | Bronlynn Morlan

Just when you think you can’t see more hazardous roads or driving God finds a way to show you just how wrong you can be. I took literally today the scripture in James that says “Pray without ceasing”, as we traveled to the church to work today. I prayed scripture, Psalm 100; I sang scripture, “I will call upon the Lord” anything I could think of to get me through the harrowing truck ride I had heard so much about. Well, I am happy to report that God gave us safe travel and the girls that rode on the truck the day before said it was a much better ride. I am so impressed with how hard the young men and ladies are working, they constantly look for ways to help and learn, and they try constantly to communicate with the children. God has blessed us with rain both today and yesterday after we returned from the job site. On the way home today there was a very black cloud hanging low over the mountain and we were sure we were going to get wet and have to end up walking out the road, but God held back the shower till we were safely home. Thank you all for your prayers not only for our safety and for the mission but please continue to pray that God would do a GREAT WORK in our lives and we would come back changed and ready for the mission God has for us at home! Mom and Dad I Love You and I pray that you are still feeling well. Bryson, Leandra and Jarren much love to you guys also. And to my Bible Study Girls, thanks so much for your comments and prayers, know that I love you and I look forward to when we study together again and share stories.


  1. Hi mom! We love you and are very proud to have a Godly mother who is serving God with her hands this week.

  2. How I missed you this morning and tonight at church, but I'm glad you're there during our Logan's week of mission work. Again, I appreciate the details of your daily journey there; I feel as though part of me is there too. I'm happy the rain held off while you were riding down the mountain today. I'm praying for strength for you daily because I recall the physical demands of such a trip. I know the Lord is using you mightily every day there. I'll be so excited to hear about everything when you return. My love and prayers are with you.