Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 13 | Hannah Dittman

Today was the day we finish the house and it was the last day of working for both groups. I am so sad that we have to leave in two days. I have been so touched by the kids here and I am so sad that I won’t get to see them for two years. Today at the job site I did stucco on the bottom of the house to make sure water wouldn't get in the house. The family are so thanking for their house and can not wait to be in it. While we were working Robison said that we are not princesses because we were working; which I totally disagree with. When we go back to the house i didn't really do anything it was pretty chill day for me. Dad love and miss you! Preston , Emily said that i\ft you comment on her blog then we will buy you something!


  1. Love and miss you!!! We got you a surprise!
    Aunt Ronnie and Nana

  2. Missed you and can't wait til you all get home! Maddy has missed you too. I love hearing how God has used you all there as well as taught your hearts. He's pretty cool that way!

  3. Hahahah that sounds like Robertson! Praying you have a safe trip home. Hope you get some good bargains, love and miss you!!!