Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 12 | Bronlynn Morlan

We had a great day at the house today! We SIFTED!! But that is not all, we learned a lot of Creole. Our interpreter worked with Allie and Emily in some fun and favorite phrases. I of course was standing right there but remember very little but the phrases they wanted to learn were: “I am hungry”, “I am thirsty”, “ I sift sand”, “Don’t cheat Jesus” to name the main phrases. “Don’t cheat Jesus” is the favorite phrase of our interpreter Robinson. He uses it on any of us that take a break to get water or stop sifting, however, he never uses it on himself. I believe I have found the Haitian motto also, “There is always room for one more!”. No matter if we are traveling in the truck, sitting in church, having dinner, mudding inside a 12x20 house, or watching taxis pick up their 10th passenger they never seem to turn anyone away. They said that VBS could only take 100 and they had to turn away children but I have since learned that we snuck a few extras in every day. I have learned a lot while being here both about myself and about life. I don’t want to take the time to write it all out here because there are many waiting to take their turn to blog but it is my prayer that as I return to the life God has blessed me with, and to those I share this life with, the changes will be evident in both actions and reactions. I had a humbling conversation today with the mother of the family we are building the house for and just to hear what her everyday struggles are and what dreams she has for her family. Thank you all for your prayers it has been those prayers that have made this trip possible for me. I love you and please continue to pray for safety and strength to finish the mission.


  1. Oh, Bronlynn, you're still my hero. I forgot to tell you how humbled I was when I saw you tying those wires for the concrete. I wouldn't have been able to unbend from that stance. Ten passengers in a taxi! Were they on top? I'm so excited to hear all about this God-filled experience. Our bible study this session is another amazing one-just what I needed. Missing you and praying for you.

  2. I am very proud of you mom. I love you!

  3. I am also so proud of you Bronlynn! You took a very big leap of faith. I can't wait to hear your stories. Love you