Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 13 | Allie Conley

Today i was at the church site again. There was not much to do. I sifted sand for a little bit and then went to play with the kids. After that i went to watch Johnny, our translator, Fetho his little brother, and Jude our other translator play soccer. I can not remember which team won though. Then we had VBS and I was a group leader. I had a little girl in my group named Lovemika who would not let go of me. For the games at VBS we played canna canna goose. The kids loved to pick the adults. After that I played with the kids the rest of the day. We played frisbee, soccer, and blew bubbles. When we got home from the church we headed straight to dinner. Once dinner was finished Riley and I went to the Ark to kick threescore ball around. Then it was time for bible study which Elizabeth lead and she did a really good job. Then we played some spoons with Johnny and now I am going go bed. Love everyone back home.

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  1. Glad to hear of all the time you are spending with the kids. You are making a great impact on them I am sure. Love and miss you here. Enjoy the videos and blogs so much. Proud of all the time you have spent and the hard work you have done this week. Love you, mom