Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 13 | Marcy Skeens

As many have mentioned, today was the last day of work. I did get to try my hand at putting mud on the foundation between the rocks. Needless to say, no one has asked me to stay and work for them. My skills may be less than desirable, but Benjamin, a translator, who also helps the construction crew as well, never complained. He simply went behind us and smoothed it out. The mother came again today to help, and Riley and I held the baby for quite some time. Since there wasn’t a lot to do this afternoon, we were able to sit and talk with Robinson our translator. It is a fabulous first hand experience learning about someone’s culture and hearing his testimony of how he came to know Jesus. I pray the Lord brings me back to Haiti again someday. I have realized how much I take God’s word for granted and how much I need to study His word. They quote scriptures and hold them dearly in their hearts. I will remember my time here fondly, but miss Faith terribly and will be glad to have our family back together again. Please pray for the house dedication tomorrow and the opportunity to meet our sponsor child. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon! Love you all!

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