Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 11 | Riley Skeens

Today was my best day ever. I went to church and it felt like it took forever because of the language barrier, but it only lasted an hour and a half. Then many went on a hike, but Allie and I stayed back to watch the kids play at Noah’s Ark. We brought down a Frisbee just to play by ourselves not knowing that our lives would be changed when three boys came by… We were throwing the Frisbee when I accidently hit one of the boys in the head .OOPS! When we got the Frisbee back he wanted to play so we started throwing it back and forth. Then, another boy playing soccer wanted to throw too, so of course we wanted to play. Not too long after another boy wanted to play, so we gladly said yes! We played Frisbee for a long time until I finally got enough courage to ask them their names. To my surprise one of them spoke some English. Their names were Landom, age 11, Sunfly, age 9, and Koreen, age 11. We played for three and a half hours and they asked if we could be friends for life. Allie and I were so overjoyed we were almost speechless! Finally our day had to come to an end and I had tears in my eyes. We said our goodbyes and they were on their way. As soon as they left I had forgotten I had not taken a picture of us together for the last time. Thankfully they had stopped to talk to each other before they went their separate ways and we caught them to take a pic. After we took it they were so surprised to see themselves . So altogether I had the best day imaginable! Thanks for your prayers!

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