Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 10 | Marcy Skeens

I am usually not at a loss for words, but I find it somewhat difficult to put into words this amazing experience. I must say I did not prepare myself enough for the heat and work but take full responsibility as I was given proper warning. Mickey has told me much about his time in Haiti, but as I said before you have to be here to truly understand. Since I spend most of my time with five year olds, I am amazed how well behaved the children are. In the US you won’t see a child traveling a path down a hill to wash dishes and carry water on their heads back up to their home. Nor would you see a child carrying 40-50 pounds of produce either, but here it is common. And guess what—no whining or complaining! How spoiled and selfish we are!! We were able to meet the family that we are building the house for. The father is a teacher and we were able to talk with the mother who spoke English. She shared her desire to find a job and provide for her children so she could keep them. What a heart wrenching thought as a mom to be scared that you may lose your children. When asked about her family and where they are she looked at her two children, one four months old, and said this is my family since her mother had abandoned her at the age of four. She thanked us for the work we were doing and I felt ashamed that I hadn’t been more productive. To leave here and not be changed is impossible! Please continue praying for us and our families while we are away. I love you Faith! Can’t wait to watch a movie, eat popcorn and snuggle with you! Thanks again to our family for taking care of Faith. Love to all!

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