Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 11 | Elainah Uldrich

Today was finally a day of downtime and rest….for some. Our day started out with church service at about 9:00, but most of the time you couldn’t understand what the preacher was saying. At one point in service, a lady infront of us had a stroke and Tyler had to help carry her out of the room. It was a pretty weird church service. Then we had the choice to either rest and stay at home, or go on the hike of death. I decided to go, but it was actually very fun. We walked down rocky mountains, up waterfalls, and got to talk to many of the Haitian people. My favorite part about this trip definitely has been the people. Building houses, sifting sand, and laying concrete isn’t what touches your heart. It’s the people. They are so kind and generous, yet they have absolutely nothing. We went on a hike for fun…these people take that hike everyday to bathe and get water. It amazes me how they live like that. We really don’t know what a bad day is. This trip has really changed my heart and opened my eyes. I’m ready to go out and work again tomorrow and make it a great day.


  1. Posted bunch blogs never showed up, I keep trying, I love u

  2. You are amazing elainah