Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 11 | Tyler Morlan

Today was a day of rest for most of the group we had the chance to sleep in before going to church this morning. Their church service was similar to ours in many ways in how they started with announcements and singing then the prayer that’s about all I saw of the service. A woman sitting in front of me had a heat stroke during prayer and I was asked to help carry her out. When we got to the back of the church a man asked me to take her pulse and blood sugar while he got the blood pressure cuff out. This is a completely new experience for me to administer first aid in a third world country. We were able to stabilize her and she eventually walked on her own so I was able to return to service near the end of the message. After church many of the youth went on the hike while a few of us decided not to go again. We stayed behind and played with kids all afternoon. I love seeing the children play on the playground. It is amazing seeing all the kids laughing and smiling on something we got to be a part of two years ago. Tomorrow should be another great day for work, Russell and I don’t know what we will be doing yet so I’ll just have to let you all know tomorrow.


  1. Tyler, I cried when I read about your giving first aid to the woman in need. Praise the Lord for your strength and calm in crisis. Love and prayers.

  2. Greatest Aunt JocelynJuly 27, 2015 at 8:35 PM

    God used you yet, in another way and you were willing to help. I know you are doing over and above the work that is required and so much has gotten accomplished. I am so anxious to see the end result. I am sure it is an awesome feeling to see the children playing on the playground you helped build. God is smiling down on you for sure! You are all in our prayers, we so enjoy reading everyone's blogs and seeing the videos. Love ya!