Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 11 | Lori Dittman

As you have read, today was a much needed rest day. See Shannon’s blog for some great details. I did not go on the hike, but enjoyed a nap and washed some clothes by hand which was strangely relaxing. I get a special blessing from watching our group work together, play with the Haitian children, and interact with each other. I have known most of the youth since they were born and others for several years. Seeing them work hard and serve God has been wonderful and fills my heart with affection. To be able to share this with my daughter is beyond expression. The pastor this morning preached from Philippians 1 today. Part of what makes this week special is that we are in “one mind and one spirit striving side by side for the faith of the gospel. “ If only we can keep this mindset. Tomorrow I am back to the church for concrete work and VBS. Please pray that we will see children and even adults that will give their hearts to Christ. Debbie, I enjoyed hearing from you and your other posts, and I am happy to hear that the Galilean Girls will be visiting you tomorrow. I will miss being with them, but I think I might be getting to do some painting at the church. Nana and Ronna, so glad to hear you are having a grand time on the Pacific! Love you! Mary, you would love the kids here, and I am sure you would want to take a few home! Thank you for your prayers! Love to all!!


  1. What a blessing to share this trip with your daughter...memories made! I am praying for health, strength, safety on the trip up the mountain and souls for the Kingdom. The Galilean girls are only coming tomorrow for you will be home in time to paint. We may need sand sifted so we will need an expert. Hugs and love!

  2. Love and miss you!! Whale watching cruise tomorrow!!