Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 13 | Bill Morlan

House complete! Like everyone else before me, we finished at about 4:15pm today. There were only 3 Haitian workers there today so we got to do a lot of the work. Like always, the team did awesome. For the second day in a row, Emily sifted the entire day until we no longer needed sand. Hollis was her partner in sand today. Yesterday we noticed that we did not have enough gravel to make the sand for today to finish the project. So, last nite I told Roger that we needed another load of gravel to finish the job. When we got to the job site today, there was a dump truck load of gravel at our site. Our translator told us that the home owner worked all nite last nite to get gravel for us today. I need to say that he did it with a 5 gallon bucket. He probably had gotten 2 tons of gravel. Talk about being humbled. To work all nite to gather gravel, 5 gallons at a time. He worked along side of us today and his wife came at noon. Tomorrow they will be home owners as we will have the dedication service and the house is theirs. Like all my trips here to Haiti, I will say that this has been an awesome 2 weeks. This time I got to share it with Bron which made it better. I enjoyed serving with my boys again and working with the youth and adults. Both weeks the teams had to work through some very hot weather with no rain. The people who worked on the projects did an incredible job and our church family should be very proud. They represented God with honor. I enjoyed watching the youth play with the kids here and how well they interacted with everyone. Great 2 weeks of work and now for the day of meeting the kids we sponsor and bartering. Gonna be a great day. Love ya Boys and my girls

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  1. Bill, I praise the Lord for you and your mission team! I know the Lord is rejoicing in your service there in Haiti. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon.