Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 12 | Bill Morlan

What a day! I was on the house crew today. It was real hot with no cloud coverage. I have to give it to my crew on how hard they worked today. Bronlynn, Emily and Allie never left the sift pile today. They sifted the entire day and was able to keep ahead of the stucco crew. Raegan, Elizabeth, Elainah and Shannon sifted and did stucco. They did a great job with the stucco. We completed the inside with the stucco today and have 3 of the walls dried in. The family of the house came again today and helped us work today. The mom sifted sand with the girls and the dad helped out with getting material. It was a great day to work with the Haitians and we worked well together. The other group had a great day today and i won’t go into detail because they need to tell the stories. I am still amazed at the people here and how friendly and the love of others that they have. I don’t know how many times today I was told that they loved me. The mom of the house gave us her phone number and told us that the next time we are in Haiti she wants us to call her so she can come and work with us. The people here are so willing to help out and they want us to know how much they appreciate us being there. I am very proud of all of the youth that are on this trip and those on the last. I pray that God changes here heart and they see how serving God can change the world. Pray for our health, at this time we are all good, safety and that we will get our projects done. We will be hard pressed to complete the church as they keep adding more to the list to do.. Love ya Boys and my girls

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