Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 14 | Elizabeth Dittman

I can’t believe that we are leaving tomorrow morning! This week has went by so fast! This morning, we went to the house dedication. It was such a blessing to see the family so happy! Much to our surprise, the father gave us certificates to thank us for working our their house. It was the most adorable thing I have ever experienced. It was so awesome because after we took the group picture I looked over at Philipson and he was wearing a Crimson Tide shirt! Of course I got a picture with him!! Afterwards, we went to meet our sponsor child. Sadly, Berwick didn’t show up so I was very upset. But then we went to Mountain Maid for lunch. After that we went bartering! It was so much fun! I got 4 bracelets, a wooden circle with a map of Haiti on it, a jewelry box, a piggy bank, a horn that is a water bottle, a metal cross, a purple candy bowl and cuban cigars. I got presents for Brent, Mom, Dad. Aunt Ronna, and Nana. (I think you can figure out what I got Dad.) i only got to barter for the bracelets. Tyler did the rest of my bartering for me!! I wasn’t really sure how to barter so Tyler said this time he’ll barter for me, but next time I have to do it for myself. I am having a lot of fun here, and I don’t want to come home. But as most of you know, we come home tomorrow! We leave the compound at 7 AM! That’s really early!!!! But I’ll survive. I love and miss you Brent, Mom, Dad, Aunt Ronna, and Nana!! See you guys when I get back!! Except for Nana and Aunt Ronna, I’ll see you guys when you guys get back!!

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