Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 14 | Logan Morlan

Well another adventure is ending and soon it will be back to the normal everyday stuff. Get up at 6 go to work before 7:30 work all day till 4 then go home. Not very exciting but it could be; the mission doesn't end in Haiti, it can carry over to anywhere. Just because we aren't surrounded by an unfamiliar environment or hundreds of miles away, it can be in the town we live in. I will miss this place though, all the people and places, it is all hard to leave behind, especially for two years. I hope to come back sooner if possible, but if not then hopefully i will get the chance to come in two years. I hope this has changed all the younger kids hearts and no one returns how they came, I know it has changed mine. I hope that this feeling will never go away and that we can continue this burning desire to serve when we all get home. I heard a really cool phrase today at the house dedication and it goes “ When Jesus says yes, how can we say no”. I hope these words never leave my mind and that who ever reads this finds some way to have it inspire them to do something for God. A lot of things are about to change in my life, some physical some spiritual. I hope that i remain on the path that God has put me on, inch by inch i feel as if I am finally getting somewhere. I’ll see you all real soon, and begin telling the stories of our grand adventure. I love you Tess.

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