Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 14 | Riley Skeens

Today was my last full day in Haiti, it was very saddening. We did the house dedication, and the most important thing to them was giving a gift to us for working so hard. They gave us a certificate, most people would have thought it was doubt but I cried because they showed us how much they cared that we built the house. Then, we went to meet our sponsor children. My day took a downhill then because my family’s child didn’t show up. I let it get to me for a while but Bron made me get up and play with the kids. Afterwards we went to mountain made a resteruant on the compound. I order chicken and fries, and then daddy and I shared a banana split. Next we went bartering, dad bartered for me. I got a chain bus for my backpack, a carved rock, a small painting, a necklace, a wrap around headband, and a metal Phillipians 4:13 hang for my room. Today was a sad day but a good day at the same time. Thanks for the prayers!

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