Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 13 | Elizabeth Dittman

Today was successful! We finished the church and the last day of VBS was a success!! We had 5 kids come to know Christ today! I got to be a line leader again today and it’s such a blessing to see all the kids laugh and have a good time! There is this little boy, his name is Philipson. He lives in BHM with his dad, Philip. He is probably the most adorable little boy I have ever met! He is a very quiet and shy boy, but once he gets to know you, he is a chatterbox!! He went to the church every day with his dad, and just sat by himself. I felt bad for him so I went over there and just sat with him. I could tell he was nervous at first, but then he became a chatterbox. I couldn’t understand a word he was saying, but he just seemed to enjoy having someone sit with him! I also made another friend named Fito. He is Johnny’s little brother and he doesn’t speak much English. He can speak enough to carry a casual conversation. He is 15 and he is amazing at soccer!! I was super sad that I had to leave the church this afternoon because I had to leave all the friends I had made. I will be glad to be home for clean running water though. But I seriously don’t want to leave. For all the people who know me well, I get very home sick very easily so me saying that is a once in a lifetime thing. But Aunt Lori can testify that i did state the words “I don’t what to leave.” I love you Mom, Dad, Brent, Aunt Ronna, and Nana. Aunt Ronna and Nana, I hope you’re having fun on your cruise, but I’m pretty sure that everyone here now knows every single thing you do because Eric reads the comments out loud. Everyone always says before we start, “We know Aunt Ronna/Ronna is going to put something about her trip down in the comments.” We all still love you though! Stay safe everyone!!


  1. Not to disappoint...we saw glaciers and went to the Yukon today. Very cool. We love and miss you...and have a surprise for you!!
    Aunt Ronna and Nana

  2. Dad here. Enjoyed watching you during your bible study last night. Enjoy hearing the joy in your voice and the excitement you have for the work. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday and hearing the stories. Love you. Dad

  3. Glad you are seeing God working there and that you are doing well. Whitford will be happy to know that you all are keeping up on your soccer skills! I can't wait to hear the stories when you get home. Love you and can't wait to see you on Friday. Your blanket and pillow are in the back seat of the green van.