Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 11 | Logan Gibson

After two days of hard work, it was great to have the day off! We were able to sleep in until 7 AM this morning which was amazing. Our whole group and the BHM staff went to service at Thomassin Conservative Baptist Church. I thought that we would probably not be able to understand anything during the service, but there was another mission group from Texas who also attended. The pastor from their group gave the message in English, and then the pastor of the church translated it for everyone else. My favorite part of the whole service was when a young boy, around 10 years old, sang This Little Light of Mine in English and in French Creole. He had such a beautiful voice and you could tell that he had been practicing his English to sing it for everyone. Lori and I both cried of course during the whole song! It was truly a blessing. After service, we came back to the compound, had lunch, and prepared for our hike. Colton, our BHM team leader, Johnny, one of our translators, and Fito his brother, led our hike. It started off pretty easy and we went downhill on a steep incline for about a mile. Next came the tough parts. We had to climb several steep rocky cliffs and waterfalls. We were all thankful for Colton, Johnny, and Fito. If we didn’t have them to help us, several of us would not have made it to the top. The path we took was beautiful, and we got to experience even more of the countryside! I love it here :) We were able to make it to four waterfalls, and at the last one, we all got wet and took some pictures. The climb back down the mountain wasn’t too bad until we had to go back up the mile long steep incline. Our group had to make several stops on the way up. I just kept thinking to myself that I do not know how the people here climb it everyday with heavy loads of water and supplies. I was very thankful when we finally made it to the top that I have been working out for the past 6 months, because I would not have made it otherwise! I only added a couple cuts and bruises during the hike, so that was a bonus! Following our group dinner, we had a service outside. Logan led several songs for our group, and it was amazing to get to worship with everyone. After worship, we were able to Skype with everyone at home. It was nice to see some familiar faces and know that everyone is praying for us! Tonight Lloyd made us popcorn on the stove, and it made me think of home! I braided lots of hair in the past of hour and am ready for bed. Continue to pray for BHM, our group, and for VBS the next two days! Hi Mom, Dad, Libby, Tiera, Bethany, and Laura! Miss and love ya lots! Can’t wait to see you in a few days :) Eric just read our comments from yesterday for the group. Thanks Mom for writing me! Melissa: I hope you and Jaylei enjoyed the rest of your trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it when I get home! Logan

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  1. Logan, I knew you'd go on the hike, so I was glad to see you had survived when we skyped last night at church. Tell Lori that I cried too when I listened to that sweet little boy singing "This Little Light" in the Day 11 video. I loved watching the hike and the outdoor service afterward. I noticed that you have a top bunk (during Bill's taping of the sleeping quarters). Hope that is working out; my fear of heights would make that tough for me. How sweet of Lloyd to make popcorn for everyone! Praying for a record turnout and lives saved during VBS. I love you.