Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 12 | Logan Morlan

Well it has been a great day I have worked really hard and tried to do my best. Even though I have physically worn myself out, I still feel as if I haven’t done enough. My heart feels broken as I look around and see how things are for BHM. There is a young man here who is just a year older than me; he has a degree in drafting design and he chose to come here and is going to stay until God tells him to leave. He could’ve done anything he wanted to; and yet he chose to stay because he feels as if he can help the people. I don’t know if God wants me to be a missionary or not but I do know that I feel like I make a difference when I work on a mission trip right up till I leave. Today I spread cement over the walls of the house, I did such a good job they Haitians asked for me to come back tomorrow. Tomorrow will be crazy not only do I have to lead music but I am also giving the message, I think that makes twice in my life maybe three times dad has ever told me that I was going to teach an actual lesson. I hope I do good, I have tonight to prepare; oh yeah dad didn’t tell me until about two hours ago that I was to lead the lesson tomorrow. As much as I miss everyone at home, I really wish that I could stay just another week and build something else that could benefit someone else. I feel sorry for the people who could’ve some on this trip and chose not to, they really missed out. I also feel ashamed after seeing how these people treat church and compare it to how we treat it. These people show up in the nicest things they have and when they sing they let it all out; they don’t care, and then we have people who try to make it through service and then when Mark says amen; bolt out as fast as they can. It makes me sad to think about all that we miss because we don’t think that church is all that important. I know that some people only get Sunday off of work but still, why not spend the day at a church worshiping the Lord or even doing something for God on Sunday. I don’t know everyone’s life, but I do know that God gave everything and the people of Haiti see it, so why can’t we? I love you Tess…………….and Matt


  1. Awww I love you too Logan. And bro I know what you mean. You want so much to help and that's part of who you are - you have a heart to love and serve people. When you get home, we get bogged down with so much responsibilities.

    But we need to keep that spirit of mission alive when you all get home too. Every day is a mission trip, because there are so many people that need Christ in our homes, in our neighborhoods, everywhere. They need Jesus too.

    Sorry I dont mean to preach, I just dont want the mission to end...for any of you to go back to just routine lives. Mission is all around you; it just takes the right eyes to see it.

    Im beyond proud of you brother. Keep up the good work.

  2. I bet you did great today in your lesson because God lead it, you just let him use you to present it. Keep up the good work and remember just because you won't always be in Haiti doesn't mean you still can't help someone out. There are plenty of people back home that need something done and Christ shown to them. Keep up the great work brother.