Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 10 | Russell Nuckles

It was a long, physically strenuous day. But God is good, and his blessings are evident even in the face of such weariness. When we finished up work today, Tyler and I went over to the water bucket to wash off our boots. We started to clean, but immediately one of the elders of the church who had been working alongside us all day long knelt down, pushed our hands away, and began to wash our boots off for us. Such a simple, profound expression of love and humility that left me speechless. We had just spent the last 6 hours working as hard as we could to serve him and his church, and yet with that one simple gesture of love all of it seemed to come to nothing. We had given to him what the job demanded that we give; he gave to us what his love of Christ compelled him to. Even now that distinction weighs heavily on my mind.


  1. What a marvelous goal...Give what your love of Christ compels you to give. If we all did that as Jesus followers we would see the world turned upside down for Jesus. Prayers for each team member as you serve. Debbie Wilson

  2. Haha I told you something like that would happen