Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 11 | Bronlynn Morlan

Well I must say that Sunday has been my favorite day so far. We went to church down the hill instead of at their usual place of worship here at the compound. Evidently the church on the compound was having a special celebration service that was going to be anywhere from 7 - 8 hours with a few breaks for food. They were to baptize 40 people today in the driveway here at the compound as part of the celebration. That would have been awesome to see and I have loved hearing the music coming from the same church every night this week as they have been finishing up revival. They sang for what seemed like hours on the two nights of revival that I could hear. Our morning service had a guest speaker that spoke English and the pastor then translated for the Haitian church members. The “old people” hung out around the compound today while the “youngsters” took a great hike with great views. We sat around the playground and played a little soccer and watched children play. It was awesome watching Riley and Allie play with the children and learn some French Creole. We had an evening service with Logan leading worship in song and Bill brought a message. We are finishing up the evening with popcorn and an evening with Roger and Judy. I am constantly hearing about things I have missed while watching something else. I just heard about Tyler carrying an older lady out of church that had passed out and then helping with first aid for her. Our kids just never stop looking for someone to serve, the girls are struggling with leaving the weekend dishes for Mary Lou but they are not allowed to wash them. I don’t know what else the Lord has in store for me this week but I am ready to live every minute of this adventure for His Glory!! I love you all and I could never have done any of this without your prayers and encouraging words.


  1. Bronlynn, Like many of the other posts, yours made me laugh and cry. I now have tissue here next to my keyboard for easy access. I'm glad you enjoyed a day of rest from the grueling labor and heat yesterday. I was blessed to see Bill in the pulpit during your Sunday morning service and to hear your Logan singing during your evening service. Tyler's assistance with the lady in need made me cry. Give him a big hug for me. Take care of yourself. I'm praying for lives to be saved during VBS.

  2. Ron and I have enjoyed reading all of your posts. We are both reliving the experiences we shared as we read about yours. Yes, this is a life changing experience for all of you and I am so glad you get to share it with your family. You are all in our prayers and we are so blessed when we read Shannon's posts also. Thank-you for helping to provide this experience for her. We have such an awesome God!