Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 12 | Allie Conley

Today I was at the house site. The family we are building it for has a 4 month old baby boy named Shile and a 6 year old girl Nieka. The whole morning all we did was sift sand. To pass the time Robinson, our translator, taught Emily and I sentences in creole. We learned Soule la cho which means the sun is hot, ma pase Sab which means I sift the sand, pa volve Jezi which means don’t cheat Jesus. In the afternoon the mom of the house came with her kids. I got to hold her baby, he never cried once. We blew bubbles with the little girl. While sifting sand in the afternoon the mom never left the sifting pile not to even check on the kid. When we got home I went and sat by the ark to do my bible study since I was leading the group bible study. Also, while was down by the ark I threw the frisbee with some kids. After that was dinner then bible study which as I said I lead tonight. I was a nervous wreck by I survived. Right now we are playing spoons while Logan Morlan is singing us songs. That is all for tonight. Love everyone back home.

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  1. So glad to hear you have had a productive day. Very proud of you for leading the bible study, I know that is out of your comfort zone. Can't wait to see you both and hear all the stories and see all the photos. I love and miss you both very much, Mom