Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 12 | Hollis Skidmore

I was based at the church today, helping with painting, sifting, and VBS. It was so amazing how eager the children were to paint. At one point, I had two handing me full paintbrushes to replace used ones while I stood on cinderblocks. We came up with some more sifting songs while doing the fine sand. Then VBS came, and I was based at the games. We played “Cona Cona Goose,” their version of “Duck Duck Goose.” Running in a skirt is so hard, and I had to play for over an hour. The kids seemed to enjoy hitting me on the top of the head as hard as possible before running off. Five children were saved, and it was so amazing. I was followed by a brother and a sister today, Alecson and Francesca. They basically just loved to be near me, and loved the beeping noise my watch made. I am disappointed that today was my last day among the kids at the church, but look forward to finishing the house, and seeing how it affects the family. Love to everyone at home!

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  1. Hollis, sounds like you had a great day. We miss you here at home but know that you're serving a greater need. Glad the kids like playing games with you and helping you work. See you in a few days! Dad, Mom and Maggie. (PS - Mag went over on her data usage for the month - big trouble here).