Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 13 | Logan Morlan

Well today I started out with music and leading a lesson at bible study; I never knew how weird it was to teach with a translator. I don’t think that it was that bad but it was still weird. I talked about believing in the impossible or in the perishable, I thought that I did pretty good for being like my second or third time preaching…….well preachingish. I liked it and I even got thanked by one of the guards he told me that the message really touched him. We got the house all done today, the Haitian work crew really like me; one guy doesn’t like it when I don’t work with him. One time he grabbed my hand and said come we work come come. It was really cool to have gotten the opportunity to work alongside the workers; they have been really helpful in teaching us to properly do things. I’m really sad that I have to come home, even though I’ve done all that I physically can I still don’t feel as if I did enough to help out people here. I really felt it at lunch time, a little kid got caught trying to sneak one of our soccer balls out and the boss brought the ball back to us. The kid just cried and cried cause he wanted the stupid soccer ball and it wasn’t even a good one it was a dollar store 3$ balloon ball. He stood right in front of me and just kept crying and crying it literally made me sick to my stomach, I wanted to just say take the stupid ball, but I just grabbed my stuff and went back to work. I hate not being able to give stuff away, it’s just stuff that we will never use again and we can’t just openly give it to them. It really sucks; I just want to help out people and seeing the amount of people who I just know have never had something as simple as a soccer ball tears me up. Please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers not just them but also BHM, I want to come back in two years, hopefully with an army of Christians ready to change the world. I love you Tess see you all real soon.

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