Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 14 | Logan Gibson

I was very thankful to get some extra rest this morning, but sad that this is my final blog and last day in Haiti. Our day started out this morning with the house dedication ceremony. I remember the dedication ceremony for the house we built in Mexico almost 11 years ago, but that did not compare to the service today. We began the ceremony by singing praise songs with the workers and the family of the house. Then, a small group of Haitian men sang a couple of songs in Creole. It was beautiful to see everyone worshiping and celebrating together! Bill spoke for our group, and then, both the father and mother of the family we built the house for thanked us for blessing them this week. I have been on several mission trips in the past, but none compare to this one. Never before have I seen people work so hard alongside us and be so grateful for our work. That was a true blessing this week! One of the best moments of the trip also came for me at the house dedication ceremony today. The father of the family wanted to thank us for our work, so he created certificates for every single person in our group, printed them, and put them in individual manila folders. I can only imagine how much money he spent making them, but he wanted to thank us for our work. I can’t wait to frame mine when I get home as a daily reminder of this trip. This afternoon, we were able to do some shopping at the Mission which was fun! This evening we had our final group worship service, and it was awesome to hear how each person’s life had been changed during our trip. I am so truly thankful for the opportunity to serve this week and cannot wait to be home to share about the week. Thanks again to everyone who has been leaving us comments. Continue to pray for us as we travel home tomorrow! Love you all and can’t wait to see everyone!

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