Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 13 | Russell Nuckles

We read from Matthew chapter 25 in the Bible study this evening, and this revelation has given me a lot to think about. One group had been seeking to prove their righteousness by their works, yet failed. The other group had simply been seeking to serve, and in the process walked in righteousness. The first group, for all their good intentions, was blinded by their own efforts. The second group did by nature what they were always intentioned to do. The first group was condemned. The second was welcomed into eternal life. As the righteous stand before the exulted Christ on judgment day, they are redeemed not because they did good deeds that benefited mankind. They are redeemed because they served Christ faithfully, and in doing this they served their fellow man. The wicked are surprised to learn that the mission had been among them all along, but they had failed to recognize their opportunities because they were not looking for them where they should have been. We are not called work; we are called to serve. Our tasks are completed for the week. All major work is finished at the church and we will go tomorrow to officially give the house to its recipients. It has been a good week.

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