Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 10 | Hollis Skidmore

I was at the house today. We sifted sand again, as well as swept. There weren’t many other jobs to do, so in our downtime we avoided the heat. I must have had 15 bottles of water today. We also got to meet the family. Right now they are living in a rental, and it is going to be amazing for them to have their own home. We finished the walls and floor today. Our translator, Robinson, taught us some Creole, and I look forward to utilizing it. He also had some questions, and we discussed for a while. It’s beautiful here, and I’m really sad my camera was ruined by bubbles. Love to everyone at home!


  1. Hollis--
    We miss you! Continue to work hard.😃 We love you! Mom, dad, & Mags
    P.S. Thanks Eric for the great videos! (Reassurance that all is okay)

  2. Hollis, I was so blessed by your comments during our Skype session tonight. The Lord is obviously working in you and through you. I will continue to pray for your safety and strength during the remainder of the week. I pray too that VBS will be filled to the maximum the next two days. Love and prayers.