Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 12 | Tyler Morlan

It has been a great week filled with new adventures and sights. Today was a finesse kind of day at the church so not a whole lot I could do there besides mix the mud for the finish on the floor. Since they didn’t have much need for me inside I finally received my chance to prove my natural skills in sifting sand. Not my favorite job of the week but still a job that needed to be done.. Tomorrow should be a great day for both teams, I will be returning with the church team to mix concrete for the stage, and the house team is finishing up the stucco on the outside walls. God has truly blessed us this week with great weather and the chance to accomplish all the tasks we started. I wish there was more to do and more time to spend here but until the next time I will pray God calls me back to Haiti to serve him again.

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