Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 11 | Bill Morlan

Today we went to a different church about 10 minutes away from the compound. For Haitian standards, it was a quick service and only lasted about one hour and forty five minutes. The senior pastor could speak english so it made it nice when he would repeat what he was saying in english. They had a guest speaker today from another mission team that was there and they were from Texas. It was a real good service and the people at the church were very friendly. After service we loaded back into the dump truck and headed back up the mountain. During the service the senior pastor call me to the stage to give an account of who we were and what we were doing there. Yea, that caught me off guard. Some of the youth went on the hike and I'm sure they will be writing about it later. From what I have heard so far, they had a great time and enjoyed the hike. After dinner tonight we will have our own church service and then we have to prepare the crafts for tomorrow. Today was a lazy day as several people took naps while others of us went to the ark and watched the kids play. It is so cool to watch the kids play and you just wonder how many kids have played on the ark over the last 2 years. Roger told us that at times during the school year there are hundreds of children here to play. They let 100 in at a time for 1 hour and then the next bus comes down the hill to let the next hundred play for an hour. There have probably been tens of thousands of children on the playground. To watch the families that are there is a blessing that I am glad that I got to watch. They bring their lunches and blankets and stay for the day. They take soo many pictures. Today was a great day and tomorrow will be a challenge. Our work load will increase tomorrow as it will be a hard day 3 with the stucco going on the walls of the house and pouring more cement for the stage at the church. Pray for us and for VBS tomorrow. Love ya boys and my girls

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  1. We are so enjoying reading everyones' blogs and watching the videos! Ron and I are reliving our experiences in Haiti along with you! Thank-you for providing this experience for Shannon, she is having an awesome time. You are all in our prayers along with our church's prayers also. God had such plans for these youth and you are His instrument...thank-you. Love ya,