Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 13 | Bronlynn Morlan

What an experience! I have worked with children most of my life and a lot of them were needy children but none so needy as what I have seen on this trip. I knew that this would be the most difficult part of the trip for me because I have a tendency to want to “fix it” for the kids I work with. Well I can’t “fix this” here, but the most amazing thing I have learned is that they don’t want me to “fix it” because it’s only my eyes that see them as broken. I stood at arms length from most of the children to start with because of some past heart aches and wounds that this “foster mom” can’t get past, but yesterday I allowed myself to interact with a small girl and a 4month old baby and I was able to just play and not try to fix anything. Yesterday’s experience allowed me to be a little more open today as I worked with the children in VBS. I painted their hands for the craft and I asked them their names and we smiled and laughed as it tickled their hands. I also held a second baby and was able to hand it back with a smile. I must confess that I am not completely cured because I am trying to talk Bill into letting me bring Feto home with us so we can help him get the education he wants. Feto is 15 and in the 6th grade and he wants to learn English so he can work with his brother Johnny who is a translator for the mission and works very hard so that he can pay for Feto to go to school. Needless to say I have not convinced him as of yet but I don’t give up too easy! Some habits are harder to break than others, I guess? Thank you again for your prayers and comments. Much love to my family and my church family! I miss you all and look forward to being home on Friday!


  1. Your comments touched my heart. I too want to fix things. I forget that God has a plan and He doesn't need me trying to change everything. Those children seem to be happier, no, the right word would be joyful, because they don't depend on their circumstances to make them satisfied. They are rich in ways I can't explain. I am going to miss the opportunity each day to fellowship with the team. I have enjoyed the videos, the comments and the photos. May God pour out His blessings on each of you...blessings of health, safety, strength and a heart that seeks Him moment by moment. Oh, and I am anxious to have my borrowed son back at SFBC! We sure do love and miss him. Hugs and love.

  2. Oh, Bronlynn, my heart melted as I read your Day 13 journal. I love you, dear friend. Looking forward to seeing you soon.