Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 10 | Emily Conley

Today was another crazy day in Haiti! I worked with the church group again today. The ride there and back was a lot worse today than yesterday for some reason. Anyhow, there wasn’t a whole lot to do because all the boys worked on concreting the floor, but we passed the buckets of concrete into the church and of course sifted some more sand. We also did VBS today for the kids. There wasn’t a ton of them, but the ones that were there had a great time. Allie and I ran the game station; we played frisbee and soccer and the girls jumped rope. They had the times of their lives! Eric reads us the comments on our blogs every night at bible study, and it’s always such a good time. Thanks for all the prayers. Love you guys. See you soon.


  1. God will richly bless you all Emily for your hard work and kind spirit!

  2. Emily,
    How blessed I was to hear you share during our Skype session tonight at church. I praise the Lord for your heart to serve there. I know your mom misses you and Allie. Praying for a huge turnout at VBS the next two days and praying for you.