Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 12 | Nicoletta Bonazzo

Today I worked VBS it was great getting to see all the kids excited to worship the lord and it was beautiful seeing 5 young boys get lead to Christ during VBS. We played many games with the kids and even though there is a language barrier the kids still talk to us and its amazing to see there faces light up when you simply give them a high five or kick them a soccer ball. Its going to be hard leaving the kids they bring joy to every moment and love having us there to simply have someone to play with. Will be praying for all the kids and people I met on this journey everyday.


  1. Love and miss you, Nic Nack! xox Aunt Ronna and Nama

  2. So incredibly proud of you! You are such a special blessing to all of us each day. We love you so very much! Safe travels home to Tam Tam. Love Aunt Amy uncle chris chris Morgan Jaime and Cosmo too!