Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 12 | John Bonazzo

Worked at the Church site today where VBS was being held. Upon arrival the children remembered me from the last time I was there and began yelling “Police, Police” They are the favorite part of the trip. They love the attention and being played with. They giggle at everything you say even though we cant understand each other. They are very loving, holding your hand, sitting on your lap etc. They just crave attention. I held a new born baby for almost an hour today while the other kids gathered around me. I I would love to adopt one of those kids and take one home with me. They are so happy even though they are poor. There is just something about them that is different and it shines through in their personalities. After playing with the kids we sifted sand, stucco, mixed cement, etc. It is back breaking work but it is all for the Glory of God!


  1. Love and miss you, brother John!! Ronna and Jane

  2. Dear John, I praise the Lord for the godly father that you are to be there with your precious daughter serving Him. Your love of the little ones is evident in your blog. May the Lord continue to bless you and give you strength.