Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 12 | Mickey Skeens

What a wonderful day it was. I was able to go back to the church site and work today. We started putting the finishing layer on the floor and it took the entire day. While working on the floor I got to spend some time talking with the pastor and he was telling me how this past Sunday they held church outside since we did not have the floor completed. He then told me how excited the members of the church were to see the work that had been completed and told me that there is new joy and excitement within the congregation. They can’t wait to see it completed. Some of the group continued to sift sand throughout the day and others were able to play with the kids and help with VBS. There were not many children there today but numbers don’t mean anything, the end result is all that matters and hearing the 5 little boys gave their life to Christ was more than enough. Praise God…… Hard to believe that the 2 weeks is almost over, we have 1 last work day to do and it should be a busy one. The house crew has the entire outside of the house to finish and the church group has to do 2 concrete pours and lay a block wall and then finish painting and putting the finish on the windows. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow and words can’t describe the joy I get from seeing Riley interact with the kids. She has been such a blessing to me just getting to see her smile and play with the children. With this being her first mission trip and the way she is handling it I can see many more of these in her future.

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